Ella Rescigno Scholarship Renewal

The Aiken Singer’s Scholarship Committee is very pleased to announce the
renewal of Ella Rescigno’s vocal music scholarship for 2022. Ella has
reported on all of the opportunities our 2021 scholarship helped her to
participate in this year!

  • She was the only freshman accepted to be a member of the Harvard
    College Opera Company (HCO). They put on a fully staged version of
    Mozart’s “Le Nozze di Figaro” and Ella was in the chorus and was also cast
    as the understudy for Susanna. She also participated in HCO’s first year
    recital in April.
  • She became a member of the Radcliffe Choral Society [RCS] (Harvard’s
    all treble voice choir) and sang in five concerts, including one at a local
    Cambridge church in which they sang the World Premiere of a commission
    by Lisa Bielawa. She also participated with the Choral Society in the
    “Harvard’s Arts First Program” which showcases all of the musical and
    visual art happenings at the college! She was a member of the executive
    committee for RCS and served as the technology manager last semester.
  • Ella was part of the Holden Voice Program (HVP) that allowed her to take
    weekly voice lessons at Harvard. She studied with Elena Snow who
    received her Master’s in vocal performance from the New England
    Conservatory. Through this program she was also able to sing in an end of
    semester recital in the Sanders Theater.
  • Finally, she was a part of Harvard’s First Year Musical: “7 Sacrilege
    Street”. This first-year musical or “froshical”, is entirely written,
    orchestrated, directed, produced, and performed by first year students. She
    was casted as Sister Olivia!

Ella will use her scholarship renewal to help her continue with her musical
studies at Harvard in the fall of 2022. The Aiken Singers is proud to support
students like Ella and wishes her success in all her future endeavors.

Jim Pierce
Chair Aiken Singer’s Scholarship Committee